The band was started by a small group of musicians who had a vision of a safe, fun and creative environment for people who wanted to "reacquaint" themselves with their band instrument from school days, or who are learning a concert band instrument.

During the pandemic, we have been meeting over Zoom, in backyards, and even in a garage!


For November and December of 2021, we are meeting on Tuesdays from 6 to 7 pm, in the large music room at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.

We are under the leadership of a highly experienced conductor and teacher, and a management team who hold steady to the vision of the band.


  • to provide recreation and enjoyment for our musicians

  • to provide entertainment to groups in various settings, such as seniors’ residences, or service groups

  • to improve our musical abilities through the pieces that are performed

Come and give us a try!

Contact us at kerrstreetconcertband@gmail.com